The goddess Parvati, of many forms.

Welcome to the Spiral Grove!

I am the red god and I am feminist Indo-pagan, Shaktism (Hindu) practitioner, and a Wiccan. (I am a seeker currently, and a Neo-Wiccan.) Topics for this blog will include my interests such as anthropology, psychology, history, religious studies, politics, video games (lore based especially), anime, science, and philosophy. I like to cite my sources as well. Many people don’t do that enough! (I want you to know where I got my information and how I formed my opinion.)

Most topics will probably be pagan and witchcraft oriented, as I love the occult. But others that will be included is Hindusim, Wicca, Tantra, Matrifocal, feminism, gender, culture, demonology, and I may even be critical of religion! (No religion is safe from criticism, not even mine! I like to see critical analysis.) As I am a philosopher at heart, many difficult and controversial topics will be on this blog. (Trigger warnings added for some subject material.)

My goal, besides sharing my thoughts, beliefs, and spiritual evolution, is to make thought provoking material. I want to get you to think. I want you to question. I want you to know, and I want you to share. I also love to see discussion, I encouraged you to debate me and others who comment. But please, I ask of you, to do so respectfully. (I can’t have flaming and the like.) If you can cite your sources, that’s even better! Especially, if they’re academic based.