Reclaiming Dianic Wicca

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Recently, even though I have not written a Dianic article in a hot minute, I came across some TERFS (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists; they hate trans people and exclude them.) on both my Twitter and my Tumblr. Not sure how they finally noticed me. Don’t care. (It took along time though!) Tired of the political bullshit. The personal attacks. So I made a Facebook group for Inclusive Dianic Wicca. The mentality TERFs have, is the same as the Christian Right Wing evangelicals, that God is exclusive and hates trans, homosexuals, and so forth for some reason.

Here’s the run down… The Goddess (IN her many forms) is for EVERYONE. No exceptions! No one can tell you who to worship. If the Great Mother calls to you, she calls to you. And no TERF should stop you from that. I have a lot of issues with Budapest’s version of Dianic Wicca, and I am going to address them in this article. She did not “start” nor “coin” Dianic Wicca like she loves to claims. There is a lot more grey area to this.

First my goal here is to “reclaim” Dianic Wicca, as a whole, (Not the lineage.) from Budapest for a number of reasons:

  1. Budapest is a racist misandric TERF, who loves to exclude in the name of “The Goddess”. She has inserted her exclusive political beliefs into her religion, committing the same “sin” as some Christianity; religion she claims to distance her lineage and herself from.
  2. Wicca itself, is an invention of Gerald Gardner, a man, who promoted gender equality. The term “Wicca” was also coined by him. Budapest merely appropriates and pretends Gardner never existed. But without Gardner her “Dianic Wicca” would never have existed!
  3. Budapest is in a debate with who coined “Dianic Wicca”. MacFarland Dianic Wicca, (Also known as “Old Dianic Wicca”) which is closer to traditional Wicca, with gender equality, and includes the male aspects, has also claimed to coin the term “Dianic Wicca” with a matrifocal outlook. (They are more friendly and closer to my solitary practices.) Both Dianic Wiccas were started in the early 70s.
  4. Budapest finally made a male a priest in her own lineage in 2014, but this is conveniently forgotten by TERFS because men should be excluded!
  5. She has become so hateful, that even members of her own lineage are leaving her religion. Or at least her version of it. This is where the term “Pan-Dianic” came from.
  6. The Goddess is for everyone. I cannot stress this enough. Most ancient goddesses have instances of gender bending and/or historically accepting LBGT+ people in their cults. I’d go out on a limb and state, that historically, goddesses have been far more accepting of all identities, genders, and sexuality than male gods. (Inanna [Ishtar] is one of them. This is fairly referenced in academia about her cult a lot. The Roman Isis is also one of them.)
  7. If MacFarland or Budapest never coined or came up with “Dianic Wicca” it would still exist in some form. The historical cult of Isis and Artemis are the biggest inspirations for this. I even wrote an article about this. Wicca definitely helped in this formulation, hence these being off-shoots. But they take inspiration from ancient historical goddess cults.
  8. I’m not defined by my genitals or reproductive qualities, and neither are YOU.
Inclusive Dianics Unite!

I think us Dianic Wiccans must reclaim this. Just as Heathens had to stop white supremacists from appropriating their symbols and religions. People are being driven away for being themselves. (Even people in Budapest’s own lineage are started to reclaim it to an extent.) We need more friends not more enemies!

The Goddess is not about your genitals! She doesn’t discriminate over harmless things such as gender identity and sexuality. If she was like that, then she’d be the same as the religions that are Abrahamic that many of us LEFT because it was so hateful. [Basically, Budapest’s version is the vengeful God of the bible with a vagina and extra steps.]

MacFarland’s Dianic Wicca claims the same time period as Budapest’s Dianic Wicca; the year 1971. According to them on the history portion of their site, Z.Budapest actually took the term from them. Sometimes they refer to themselves as “Old Dianics” because of this, something emphasized on their site multiple times. They have no problem with being inclusive, and there is even a blog written on their site, by a man about why he is an Old Dianic. They also have some solitary rituals. Check it out.

There’s also other Dianic authors who are not affiliated to Budapest. This book right here on Earth Magic is not from her tradition nor does it contain much politics. Starhawk’s famous Spiral Dance book, while being of the Feri tradition, that overlaps with Dianics, is another good source for those wanting to get into the Goddess. (She knew Budapest and her work, and purposefully separated from it.) For some more book recommendations for Dianics this list really does it. The author explicitly is anti-transphobia.

I think I would have less of a problem with Budapest if she kept her transphobia into her personal coven, rather than making transphobia and misandry an entire tradition. Instead of it being her own private circle thing, she has taken into the public sphere. (She has plenty of subordinates who are just as radical with their transphobia as her, so watch out!)

The Goddess in the form of Astarte

The bottom line here is that “Dianic Wicca” isn’t really owned by any one tradition. This much is true looking at its history. It’s an ecclectic label. If you focus on the Goddess more than the God in your Wicca, you can consider yourself Dianic. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. No one can tell you have to believe when it comes to the gods and the Goddess. Just be yourself.

However, because Dianic Wicca is not owned by any tradition per se…. It cannot be claimed by Budapest in her way to control people either. It can be “reclaimed” from transphobes and those with malice though, since they made the first “claims” so to speak, on the label. (They are definitely the most well-known and loudest of us under the label of Dianic. Let’s change that!)

Message for those who got turned off by Dianic Wicca because of transphobia/misandry:DO NOT GIVE UP. You can be Dianic and be non-binary like I am, or trans, or be a man even. There is no one “enforcing” the rules of what you do in your solitary practice with the Goddess. If Dianic Wicca is for you, it is for you and no one, not even Budapest can take that away from you!

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