Merry Beltane!

Happy Beltane to all the pagan folks out there! It’s a celebration of the union of the Goddess and her consort. It’s about the birds and the bees. But it’s more than that.pexels-photo-1030845.jpeg

It’s also a time to celebrate! To give our thanks and to celebrate the bounty of nature. I took the time to go to one of the sacred trees on our property and I wrote ‘thank you’ notes for the blessings I received this year. I always think about how that while it may not be the best time, it’s better than it has been in the past.

Likewise, it’s a good time to commune with the spirits. While the veil is certainly not thinning right now, I do feel it is an especially good time to honor those who made us, our ancestors.

What better time to celebrate life than the spring? Everything is at the height of reproduction. It’s a fertility thing, Beltane is. Celebrate life and the making of life. After all, we would not be here for that.

It is the cycle of life. Right now, we celebrate the union of life to make more life. Life feeds on life, but it also continues it. Don’t forget to honor your own life and it’s cycle this season either.


On that note, perfect sacrifices for the god and goddess on this occasion is flowers. Most people don’t think of flowers being sacrifices, but they are technically. This is because they are life and we sacrifice their life for their beauty and peace. Don’t worry though, they grow back.

Don’t forget to celebrate all the beauty and miracle of life on this planet. Remember how everything is connected and sacred. We all need the union and the product thereof, to exist.


Hope you enjoyed your Beltane!



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