Beltane Love Growth Spell

So, I purchased a big candle and wrote a spell for it for growth of love in one’s life. I was very perplexed because there was no spell I could find online for this specific need. And what better holiday than Beltane? It’s all about spring’s growth. Why not loves growth, too?

Items needed:

  • Candle
  • A tool for inscription
  • Oils (If you have any)
  • Herbs associated with love
  • Fingernail polish


The candle I got is fairly big, I guess you would say it’s a 7 day candle. (This one was found for 5 bucks at Family Dollar.)  But the size shouldn’t matter. (Especially if you’re on a budget.) It also has a color exterior that reminded me of spring. If you can get something associated with pink and green. If not a white candle will do. All that matters is that it reminds you of spring.

Consecrate the candle with your power, before you do anything. Make sure to do this before you do anything else!

You need to inscribe the candle. There is plenty of love runes and sigils online. It’s always good to add some growth symbols, as well. I always put my name on them, in full. The reason is because names have power. If you’re doing this for yourself, it’s great to have your name on it.


Finger nail polish can be used to inscribe glass.

I also tend to inscribe it with regular symbols. The symbol of the Triple Goddess and her consort, the Horned God. I love slapping a pentagram on it for balance.

For the exterior of the candle, I painted it with finger nail polish. This is not necessary per se. But since I want love to grow, I added a heart on it as well. I put some other sigils on it, too.

For the interior, you will need an athame or some other tool to inscribe. I prefer using something already consecrated. However, this is up this is up to the individual. If you cannot afford it, anything , something such as a kitchen knife, will do to inscribe the wax.

Next you will want to put oil in it or on it, if you have any. There is plenty of oils and I have a picture of them for the article. The cinnamon apple one, since they’re both associated with love, was found at the dollar store since I was saving money at the time. You will want the oil in first so the herbs can stick. These oils can be something similar and associated with love. Such as “attraction” based oils. I usually buy mine from Amazon.


“Come to me” and “attraction” oils were found on Amazon. The cinnamon apple one came from the dollar store.

Next you’re going to want to use herbs. I used “yarrow” and “basil” for my love spells. The first comes from Amazon, and the basil leaves I found at the dollar store. Once again, if you’re on a budget. Hit up the herbs and spices section of the dollar store. Common kitchen items can also be used.

You’re gonna want to sprinkle the herbs onto the candle. For an added effect, if the wax permits, go ahead and drill a hole into the candle. You need to drop some oil in it and then stuff it with herbs. It’ll boost the spell’s power.


Now you’re all set. But it isn’t over yet! Since this is for Beltane, it’s good to go ahead and do your normal Beltane rite. Cast a circle, summon the gods, etc. If you’re not Wiccan, simply doing normal circle casting should suffice. At least, that’s my advice.

Since Beltane falls on a full moon this year, it may be good to take this opportunity to again consecrate the candle, outside with the moon. Perhaps do this in the circle. If you want to do this beforehand and plan an indoor ritual, I still advise to consecrate it (again) outside under the moonlight.

While lighting the candle say:

I light this spells’s fire, for true loves growth to transpire.

Love will always continue to grow in my life, with Goddess’s power rife.

It will be like flowers in the spring, and will be ripe for my harvesting.

This will work as below and as above.

It will be with me in perfect trust and perfect love.

In positivity; so mote it be! 


Merry Beltane!







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