Grounding Spell

There’s many ways to ground. However, this one is a personal one I made to get rid of negativity. (Such as emotions, holding you back.) It’s perfect to use before and/or after rituals. Whenever you need it. It is a purification and a clearing technique for yourself.

It doesn’t require any tools or any sort of things that are fancy, either. You don’t have to cast a circle or use an athame. If you’re a beginner witch it is great to use in spell working. But you do need to know basic visualizations and meditation.


Ground just like this.

All you need is you and the great outdoors. Go to a park. Go on a walk. Go to a cemetery. Just go outside. Anywhere outside. That is the first step. It’s preferable bare foot. But if you cannot do that, it can be done with shoes on.

It also must have your feet touching the ground. As in the soil, not on someone’s deck or anything. It’s imperative to have nature here.

For the second step you’re going to have to visualize and breathe in deeply. Visualize all the negative emotions and energy pent up in your body. It is best to think of it as a black energy mass or brown airy mass inside or surrounding your aura. (Inside and out.)


You have to plant that energy into the ground.

Now stand straight and tall. You may want to raise your arms up, then slowly raise them down as you imagine yourself pushing the negativity away with your hands, off of your body, and into the ground. This is not a required step. But it helps the process.


You can simply imagine the energy being pushed out without acting it out, if you cannot raise our arms. You will have to at least, do this part, because of the process of removal. You have to think of it being pushed into the ground.

As you push the negativity out, these are words to remember. You can say them aloud, or you can simply think of them in your mind as you’re doing it. The incantation is:

I push this negativity into the ground,

where it will not come back around,

to harm me or my family,

and it will be recycled into positive energy,

times three.

This is my will, so mote it be.

Some general advice here is that this spell is perfect if you’re doing any sort of spirit work. Such as invocations and trance work. It can get negative spirits out of you. It’s good for some exorcism works. Especially, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ve had it get rid of negative entities that are attached to me or feed off that sort of thing.

It’s also great to get rid of negative attachments you may have, such as drugs. It clears the mind. The incantation can be modified for use on anything internally negative that needs clearing. Always remember to “recycle into positive energy”, because you want this stuff to not come back.



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