Light Spell for Nightmares


Whenever we have nightmares, we instinctively seek the light afterwards.

If you work with the other world through your dreams like me, you may tend to forget that there are spells you can use to help you through your journeys. This is a spell I invented while dreaming, to get myself out of my nightmare. It works. I believe if you have reoccurring nightmares, this spell may work outside of dreaming.

To do this spell, one must understand light and light spirits. I tend to have an animistic view of spirits. The ones on the lower spectrum of ideas or elemental, such as light spirits, tend to be completely unintelligent. (Maybe similar to bugs in the animal kingdom?) It is because of this that anyone can utilize these things for any reason that is logical to the spirits’ existences.


Sometimes we need a light of hope, no matter how dim it seems.

I had done this spell during a dream that was slowly becoming a nightmare. You know the type of dream I am talking about, the ones that start off as neutral or happier. An entity started to attack me. I was not about to be attacked. There was no way to defend myself. So, instead I called on light and the spirits of light to help me escape. It worked like a charm.


The incantation does not have to be exact. All that it needs is to evoke light and light spirits, with a forwarding goal. You don’t have to rhyme either.  I personally prefer rhymes because it makes it easier for me. (And I am a fan of flowerly poetry in language.)

“Oh Light and spirits of light,

do not fade out yet!

Don’t let me be stuck here!

Don’t let me be set!

Wake me up! Back to my bed there!

Don’t let me forget!”

Anyone can modify this for their own personal usage. My advice is that this could be turned into a candle spell for reoccurring nightmares. (In the waking world.) I have never tested this out, but I believe it would be perfect to escape cyclic nightmares.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line.


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