Elemental Bonding Spells

I made up some spells (Or really one BIG spell using all elements.) to bond my spirits with the elements of nature. This can be done by anyone of any religion. It’s completely secular witchcraft and only relies on the forces of nature. I have found this to be imperative for my magickal practices. I want to pass this down to others too.


In today’s technologically advanced world, it helps to bond yourself to these elements; it will make you live in a more harmonious manner with “mother nature”. (It will also boost your spell power.) In fact I started these spells when I was living in a more urban setting. It helped balance my personality out. Even though I was still part of the city.

For any one practicing Wicca or the more nature bound style of witchcraft, I do believe this is entirely useful. You won’t need a whole lot for these spells, but you will have to pluck, at least, one strand of hair for each of them. (4 strands) If you do not wish to pluck your hair, I suppose you could use strands from your hair brush. Hair is connected to your spirit, which is why you need it to use in this spell working.


You will also need access to all the elements, with the exception of air, which I hope you’re breathing right now. There is a variety of incantation forms to use for this, but I will keep it simple. I do not think you need much wording.

Whenever you do the incantation, while destroying the hair with the element, make sure to say something like:

“I bond my spirit with the element of ______, so mote it be!”

I will start in order with the elements, but you don’t have to do it the same way. Any order is fine. Do whatever is convenient for you.


Fire is the element of passion and desire. It is of the masculine persuasion. It helps manifest the physical world. It gave us light, heat–it cooks our food. It has been important to human survival for generations. Without it, we could have never forged civilization or survived the wilderness.pexels-photo-426444.jpeg

While it’s renowned for it’s destructive properties, it can also heal. It’s healing properties come from controlled fire helping us keep warm. Especially, when we were ill or suffering the effects of cold weather. We need body heat to live.

For this you will need a source. I used a lighter for this. A candle or match would work out just find though. If you are really hurting for a source and do not have access, I would suppose that a gas stove would work out just as well. Anything that gave you the spark of life, the flame, you need would be good to burn the hair.


Ah, the earth… The element that is about plants. It represents the totality of the physical world around us. It provides security, it gives use bounty and fortune. We always refer to it as our “mother” and we are supposedly made from it. It is completely a feminine element and it is technically “our mother” since we evolved because of it.

This element gives us food. We can survive without meat, but we cannot survive without plants. We must grow. Sustain. Reap. Sow. We must use the plants/earth for clothing, food, housing; practically all our needs can be met with this element. (At least in the physical sphere!) But it has the destructive ability of being the element of death, since we also use it to bury our dead.


For this one, in my own opinion, is the hardest to do of all the spells. A potted plant or the like could work, but I would not recommend it. Not at all. I think that people literally need to go outside and bury their hair for this spell. If you live in an urban setting, where this is harder to act on, it may be best to do it at a park.  (Hopefully, in secret. Don’t get caught!) It may be best to do this under a tree or rock, too.


Air, not only do we need it to breathe, but oxygen is contained in all the elements. It rules the realm of ideas and is based completely on the mental. It also rules communication and travel. If you think about people talking, you get the gist of this element. Speech and communication were highly important to our early ancestors. It led to the development of symbols, which jumped started us onto the path of intelligence and civilization!


But it had it’s own darkside too. Gossip is a bad destructive quality of air. Any sort of intelligence endeavors that are unethical can be a problem, as well. (Such as the mad scientist trope.) However, air governs logic and mathematics, too. It’s because of this that it is the element most “representative” of science and philosophy. (Remember: You can be too critical when imbalanced, though!)

This element is the opposite of earth. That’s why I feel like this is the easiest of all the spells to do. Air surrounds us, so it can be done anytime or anywhere. If you want to be more naturey about it though, being in a library or school would do. (Places of knowledge governed by air.) Or by many birds, outside. This is also the only spell that requires the caster to break the hair, with their fingers, after the incantation, since there is no way to break the hair by air normally, as with the other elements.


Water is a mysterious element. It rules the otherworld, the realm of dreams, and it rules emotions. It is one of the major elements. (Well, to be fair, they’re all important.) While us humans can go 40 days without food, we cannot go 7 days without water. If there is no abundance of fresh water, civilization and survival are not to be had. This is why it’s tied to being the element of life by some. After all, the life on this planet emerged from the waters. Even the gods are said to sometimes come from primordial waters.


Water is typically associated with healing, much more than fire is. Unlike it’s opposite, it also tends to much more benevolent. [Most of the time.]  But it does have it’s destructive qualities, too. It can freeze one to death, cause massive damage faster than fire by having floods, and of course, it can drown us. The element of “life” can also bestow “death”. We must always be cautious.

Water is pretty difficult to do as well. For this one, I originally used faucet water. But I would only recommend this if one lives in a urban setting. Any body of water will do, if you can access it. You could even freeze your hair in the freezer! Rain or snow is, likewise, something one could wait for if they wanted to. For my own personal practice I separated fresh and salt water. I had to wait to get to the ocean to do the salt water one, because that one just won’t work in an urban setting.

Advice on how to use:

If the spells don’t seem to be working right away, do not fret! It takes days or weeks before seeing results. Typically, you will get “signs” they are working. Mine for air and fire came almost immediately when I was dreaming, the other two I had to “force” out since I am more masculine leaning. (Yes, even though you bond with all elements, you can still have a leaning towards some and not the others.)

Wooden Pentacle

Elemental representation; by Wiccan Moonsong

The best results I seen is using these elements in dreams. After you bond with them, you are able to cast them at will without any words or spells. It’s as if you will/think them, they appear. They are just thoughts/ideas though. It makes anything you do in the dream world, a lot simpler.

For boosting spells, in the waking world, it should help. It is similar to the other, but just add your elemental power to the spell. You may have to voice your will for this one!

This may sound odd, but if you’re into working with spirits, this will help, a lot. The elemental spells can be cast on them without dreaming. (You can be awake or asleep.) This is especially good if you have a spirit that bothers you, such as a ghost, and you use something such as fire magick to burn it, to make it go away. However, elemental spells are not generally recommended for trying to destroy spirits, particularly non-human ones. (That’s another blog, for another time.) But it will keep them in line.

In theory, if your not into the destructive aspect, each element has some sort of beneficial healing property. I am not too worded up on this, with the exception of fire and water. So, it would be best to come up with your own spell combinations to understand this one.

If you have any questions or want to share an experience using these spells, comment down below! Or drop me a line at xuchilpaba@gmail.com 

I am always open to reading or hearing about results people have had with this work!













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