Merry Beltane!

Happy Beltane to all the pagan folks out there! It’s a celebration of the union of the Goddess and her consort. It’s about the birds and the bees. But it’s more than that.pexels-photo-1030845.jpeg

It’s also a time to celebrate! To give our thanks and to celebrate the bounty of nature. I took the time to go to one of the sacred trees on our property and I wrote ‘thank you’ notes for the blessings I received this year. I always think about how that while it may not be the best time, it’s better than it has been in the past.

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Beltane Love Growth Spell

So, I purchased a big candle and wrote a spell for it for growth of love in one’s life. I was very perplexed because there was no spell I could find online for this specific need. And what better holiday than Beltane? It’s all about spring’s growth. Why not loves growth, too?

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Grounding Spell

There’s many ways to ground. However, this one is a personal one I made to get rid of negativity. (Such as emotions, holding you back.) It’s perfect to use before and/or after rituals. Whenever you need it. It is a purification and a clearing technique for yourself.

It doesn’t require any tools or any sort of things that are fancy, either. You don’t have to cast a circle or use an athame. If you’re a beginner witch it is great to use in spell working. But you do need to know basic visualizations and meditation.

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Beliefs vs Facts (Pagan)

..Or “How to not be an asshole about your beliefs”. (Also, 4/20 haha!) This will be a long blog. I won’t lie. It’s a bit of a rant and applies to a plethora of religious groups. I am more concentrated on the pagan community, so I will be using applicable terms to this. However, if you’re not a pagan, this blog is still useful in understanding people and beliefs.

Just to ease into the process, I will include some common terms in pagan circles. They’re not very popular outside of it. (If you already know the terms, feel free to skip this part! Scroll on to the next part.) That way even a normal reader can gauge my thoughts on this.

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Light Spell for Nightmares


Whenever we have nightmares, we instinctively seek the light afterwards.

If you work with the other world through your dreams like me, you may tend to forget that there are spells you can use to help you through your journeys. This is a spell I invented while dreaming, to get myself out of my nightmare. It works. I believe if you have reoccurring nightmares, this spell may work outside of dreaming.

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5 Misconceptions about Wicca for Pagans

I feel like I have to make this blog because there is just so much misinformation/disinofrmation that still pervades the Wiccan and pagan community, as a whole. I have absolutely no problem with people who use some of these as a personal practice or beliefs. (Also, this blog will be a list because yay! Lists are fun!)


The Wiccan Goddess in one of her many guises

Most of the time I see a lot of these words, oft repeat, ad naseum, by Neo-Wiccans. It’s usually not by Trad witches. (Thanks, Llewellyn.) These misconceptions are outdated and intolerant. Especially, to the greater occult communities. At this point, I don’t think we have to aim to please Christians, anymore, for the most part. (Long post ahead)

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Elemental Bonding Spells

I made up some spells (Or really one BIG spell using all elements.) to bond my spirits with the elements of nature. This can be done by anyone of any religion. It’s completely secular witchcraft and only relies on the forces of nature. I have found this to be imperative for my magickal practices. I want to pass this down to others too.

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