Wiccans: It’s time to stop being pacifists!

I’ve stated this in many blogs before, Wicca, despite what you were led to believe by New Age appropriation, is NOT a religion of pacifism. Specifically, magickal pacifism. I am so tired of this oft repeated nonsense. We’re letting evil flourish because of this stupid stance.

Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca, was not a pacifist in any way. He taught people how to make molotov cocktails out of their homes, collected weapons, and he even used a spell against Nazi Germany in the 1940s called “Operation Cone of Power“. Yeah, that’s right, the founder of our religion was far from being a pacifist.

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Lilith’s Husband: Samael



The Angel of Death

Note: Many Lilithians are also curious about Lilith’s husband Samael, the angel of death. This extensive paragraph was written by me based on my experience in reply to someone else’s inquiry on Samael. I thought I would share it, in case anyone want to know about working with the biblical (Jewish) Satan. Keep in mind, this is mostly my own personal UPG with him.

I work with Samael extensively before Lilith. I don’t think he is a fallen angel, in the traditional sense, and according to the Zohar or Kabbalah he is only called “evil” because he desires to intermingle with evil, but it is not his nature. He is the prince of demons. Therefore, he works for God still just as Satan never rebelled against God in the bible. (At least the Hebrew bible.)

Samael is not a major player in Christianity so most resources will be Jewish based. From my experiences he leans more towards the Jewish and Jewish mystic side of things than even Lilith does.

He is identified as Satan of Job in the Zohar but you have to be careful here, because so many Christians and former Christians make this mistake; he is not the Christian Satan. Judaism has never, ever placed much importance on Satan at all and Samael is still God’s Left Hand and “Severity of God.”

The Christian devil is a scapegoat that is a combination of pagan gods and is portrayed at times as powerful as God himself but evil. The Jewish Satan is the angel of death for God that executes sinners with help from his wife Lilith. Basically, he punishes people. (So Samael is *not* Lucifer or the Christian version of Satan.)

horror crime death psychopath

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

The Jewish texts also say he isn’t against God just mankind. He is the prosecuting attorny in God’s heavenly court against humans.

From my conversations with Samael, he is highly intelligent and a bit of an anthropologist. I don’t think he hates humankind per se just has a low tolerance for stupidity.

Angels seem to have this terrifying “otherness” about them where it’s a bit like if we we were communicating with extraterrestrial aliens. (They weren’t born on earth after all, they were born in heaven!) They’re as intelligent as humans but they have opinions that are very “foreign ” and thus weird to us humans. I met one angel who thinks humans shouldn’t be allowed to listen or make music. They’re very non-human.

However I don’t get this with Sam. He is extremely “down to earth” in personality and very relatable compared to other angels. Likewise he is extremely intelligent and is good at his job, so he will call people out on their bullshit. He understands humanity completely compared to other angels.

You must also remember Samael has 4 wives. Lilith is his first one but Naamah is another popular one.

You can message me if you want. I don’t pray or do rituals to Samael, I mostly interact with him in the astral realm. (He doesn’t like to be depicted, by the way. In Judaism nothing from heaven is allowed to be depicted and he follows those rules, for me, at least.)

New Beginnings on the New Moon


top view of white candles

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

I haven’t done a spell post in awhile, so here you go folks!

New Beginnings Spell (New Moon Spell)

A simple candle spell for new beginnings that can be performed only on the New Moon.

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Lilith: “Survival of the Fittest”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this image, especially when someone brought up Lilith’s stint in Eden when she demanded equality.
Not only was she factually correct, but Adam is the bad guy who thinks he’s superior to nature.

Then I understand the percieved power imbalance that leads to this egotistical illusion. See, in nature the prey and predator are equal. ‘No!’ You say, but it is true. There’s been countless evolutionary examples. One of the biggest is the moa bird. As soon as it went extinct, the predator Haast eagle went with it.

It’s the same with important people, presidents and even bullies vs their victims. They all fail to see how equal we really are and thus abuse whatever power they’ve been given to satisfy their egos. Where would the president be without people? Nowhere. He’d be just another guy. People need people.

“But only the strongest survive!” We aren’t even the strongest animal in the world. We’re relatively weak, even compared to our ape counterparts. If this were true, we’d be the strongest animal without tools. Try to use your brain on this one.

The Fall of Adam and Eve, 1508-12, Michelangelo

“The Fall of Man” by Michelangelo, Lilith is depicted as a serpent woman 

“But we have numbers!” There were more trilobites on this planet than any other species. They’re all gone. No, living descendants. Nature doesn’t give a fuck about your fragile egos, or numbers, or illusions of strengths.

The animals that survive are those most willing to adapt to environmental changes. Especially, sudden ones. Not the strongest, fastest, or smartest animal. Remember that because it’s important.

If we keep causing extinctions, we will also be extinction. Nature has checks and balances. If imbalances occurs it will do something to balance itself out. And we will probably be exterminated.

A Polytheist/Pagan Framework for Healing Mental Illness — Unhinged and unenlightened

Let’s talk about healing. But more specifically, healing as polytheists, as pagans, as wiccans. I often see the ‘use nature’ way of healing promoted by these groups of people, as if nature alone can heal a soul/broken mind/damaged brain/whatever you want to call it. But, as someone who just moved back to the countryside and […]

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Happy Litha: A Prayer to Cernunnos

Sorry, I lapsed in some of my blogging due to preparing for Litha. I hope you had a great Midsummer! In honor of the Sabbath, I am going to post a prayer to the Horned God of Wicca, Cernunnos. He is one of my favorites!


Ancient relief of Cernnunnos with a sack of coins (Middle), flanked by the Greek gods Apollo (left) and Hermes (right)

Cernunnos is more popularly known as the god of wilderness and the hunt. But he also had ancient attributes associated with the underworld and wealth. In particular, he is likewise associated with rebirth through the cauldron of rebirth. Litha is known to celebrate his life.

Since modern Wiccan lore associates Cernunnos more with the sun, Midsummer is known as the time in which the sun is at it’s highest. (And the Oak King defeats the Holly King in combat, thus ruling from summer – winter.) As the Horned God and consort of the Mother Goddess, this is a peak moment to celebrate life.


Prayer to Cernunnos:

I celebrate you, Oh Horned God of the wilds!

No one can tame you to be mild!

Cernunnos, Lord of life and death!

You who are the light of breath!

As the sun is at highest peak,

I celebrate all your feats!

Thank you for all that is my life,

I feast on all that is delight!

Horned One, of wealth, abundance and luminescence!

Bright, Brilliant One, of solar essence!

I praise you on this Litha Sabbat,

as you banish the darkness, absent!

Guide me and protect that which is dear,

don’t let me succumb to fear!

You have my gratitutde, Lord, three times three,

So mote it be!





Jewish Goddess Lilith Conspiracy


Lilith by John Collier (?)

This is going to be a touchy subject, and I am sure wrought with controversy because I want to address antisemitism in Neopaganism. As Lilith emerged from the Goddess Movement (I.e. Dianic Wicca) I noticed some troubling things coming from the historical revisionist side. While the Goddess Movement has had it’s fair share of Antisemitism, nothing seems to quite be associated with that as Lilith. (This is often ignored by mainstream media.)

This is very bad for a number of reasons. It’s racist. It is skewed. It misrepresents Judaism and Jewish beliefs. It’s intolerant. It’s a bad idea. Some of these types of racist beliefs have historically led to people’s deaths. It doesn’t make sense, and most of all, it needs to stop.

(Note: To see more related controversy on Lilith, please, look at the references on the bottom of this post to see history of Neopagan beliefs and discussions about Lilith as Jewish cultural appropriation.)

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Pan-Dianic Wicca: Altars & Practice


Basic Wiccan altar set up

Note: This is more of to show how to make your altars and suggestions on practices. This is my personal practice as a solitary Wiccan with somewhat Gardnerian leanings. Nobody *has to* do this the way I do or even the exact same way. It is also understandable if you’re a witch on a budget, most of these things I acquired actually took years because I do not have a lot of money. (Substitutes can always be used.) This is for your own reference as a Pan-Dianic witch.

Most people are familiar with the basic Wiccan altar set up. It is important to have the God, Goddess, and the One or [androgynous] Spirit (Drygten) represented, typically as three candles. You don’t need statues of all of them to do such things, mere candles can be good enough. Likewise, it is possible to represent the triad in the form of three items instead, such as stones.

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Dianic: Surrendering to the Goddess


The Egyptian Isis

While not explicitly a book on Pan-Dianic Wiccan or even Wiccan at all, I recommend the book “You Are A Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal, and Transform” by Sophie Bashford. It is about working with feminine energy,  and this author mentions men being included in this divine energy. However, it does seem to be aimed at women more so than men, but I think anyone can get something out of it without 100% agreeing with it.

There is a couple of prayers in this book, but one particular one stands out in my head. This prayer is important and I think it can benefit the (pan) Dianic Wiccans. It is included in the chapter on Isis on p. 258, though it is worded for the Goddess in general.  I started working it into my practice and it certainly helps. I think the prayer can be reworded for any specific goddess or just the Great Mother in general.

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